Communication and Public Address

Equipment for railway radio

This project is team-work of Electronics Design and Estrola OÜ. Equipment consists of modems, multiplexers and station console.

TAXI Operator Console

Supervisory Console is used for operative work of dispatcher through telephone and radio station at once. Console works with any analog or digital telephone, and any radio station, which has “handsfree” accessories connector.

In duty mode console is connected with wireless station, and signal from station receiver comes in build-in console speaker and handsfree headphones. To turn radio station into the transmission mode dispatcher has to press footswitch or special button placed on front side of console. In this case, to send a message, dispatcher uses handsfree microphone.

Console switches to telephone line automatically after receiving incoming call. In this case, dispatcher makes conversations with handsfree help, and can send received by phone information through wireless immediately by pressing footswitch or console button. Telephone line due transmission is muted.

Three color LEDs are used for displaying the current operating state of console..

One of famous device application is the usage of Supervisory Console by taxi operators.

Warning system for Thermal Power Station

Alarm outputs of equipment under control are connected with radio stations. Case of alarm, radio station sends special tone telegram. Maintenance staff receives those telegrams on own radio stations, also, telegrams are decoded into the text messages, which are shown at special displays.

For archiving messages are used 1x channel recorder and special program named ASES. ASES converts those messages into the text and fills message archive.