Hotel access control and billing

Modular alarm system for huge objects - GuardEx

GuardEx system provides high-reliability guarding, alerting and calling signalization, with flexible access control capability, could be applied for small as well as huge objects (for example: hotels, plants, offices, multi-storey garages.) Maximal modules amount: 600.

Principle of operation:

All input-output devices are connected together serially with one-pair signal wire. First and last are connected to the computer, thereby they form loop of modules. If happens that module lost connection with the computer, it begins to work offline, providing undisturbed operation of access control system.

One of module release versions for hotels has an algorithm, developed by hotel security service: each module has connection with one card reader, door-open sensor, capacity sensor, lock-open sensor and electrical door lock. Module provides twenty-four-hour door protection, personal and guest access and looks after door could no be open for a long time.

The computer, with installed GuardEx software, is used for system programming and monitoring.

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PBX billing software - PCA


PCA is the program for accounting and analyze phone calls.

It consists of two units: PBX port collector and Data analyzer. Each of these units could be placed on the same computer as well as on different machines, connected to the local network. If you have your own local network, you could order one or more extra Data analyzers, for this purposes, special Worksite edition of this program was designed.>

Programs work on Microsoft Windows 9x, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 8, 8.1, 10; PBX data could be collected on machine with MS-DOS or MS Windows 3.X operation systems.

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