Industrial electronics

PC/104 cards - SIO4

TL16C754 UART, 691200 baud max, 4 serial interfaces, Removable interface drivers (DIL24 case): RS232 / RS485/ Current Loop. PC (3F8,2F8...) or linear addresses.

PC/104 cards - SIO8

2 x TL16C754BPN UARTs, 691200 baud max, 8 serial interfaces, Removable interface drivers (DIL24 case): RS232 / RS485 / Current loop

PC/104 cards - COMBO1

8 x 16 bit counters, Control inputs, 8 operation modes, 8-bit digital input, 8-bit high current output

PC/104 cards - Terminal boards

9 x opto-isolated inputs; 8 x relay outputs; direct I/O


Two interfaces: RS422 or RS485. Mode is selected with jumpers help. Maximum baudrate - 3Mb. Supported PCI buses - 3.3 or 5V.

Cathode protection

Power supply is used for antirust protection of gas pipelines.
Output voltage: 0 - 25 V
Output current: 0 - 10 A

Data acquisition - oxygen controllers

Special designed program for Elke Sensor OÜ. Program operates with data from two kind of devices named "Basic" and "Controller", which measure concentration of oxygen in water. It has two working modes: Online and Read Memory and builds simple diagram. Program has three language interfaces: English, Estonian and Russian.