Data acquisition

Data acquisition and control system

Interface length up to 1,2 km
32 modules on one line
proprietary protocol
4 … 30 VDC supply, < 50 uA supply current

Target applications: security, access control, fire alarm systems

Input addressable module

One analog input 0 … 20 mA
Accuracy < 2 % @ 1 … 20 mA
Supply current < 50 uA
Operating temperature -30 … + 70 °C

Input-output addressable module

All functions of Input Module plus
One bistable relay with zero standby current
Relay Contacts 30V 1 AM
Supply current < 50 uA (incl. Relay control)
Black or Grey plastic box

Temperature meter

4-channel Thermometer for temperature control
Intended for connection of 2 NXP KTY81-210 sensors
Temperature measurement range -5 … 150 °C
Accuracy ~ 1 °C
Supply current < 0.9 mA x number of sensors connected
Black or Grey plastic box

USBR2 Controller

Controller for up to 64 modules
USB interface for computer

Flow-meters calibration system

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Data acquisition and control system has been designed for Meters Producing Company ASWEGA (Estonia) for flowmeters calibration rig.


Data acquisition:
  • 32 analog current measurement inputs (0 - 5 mA, 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA);
  • 40 opto-isolated digital inputs;
  • 40 opto-isolated pulse/frequency inputs;
  • 20 RS232/RS485 serial ports;
  • 4 temperature measurement modules.
  • 40 relay outputs;
  • Power supply for all control equipment and devices under test.
  • Height 30 cm in 60 x 60 cm 19" Rack (without control computer).

Data logger

Data logger is special device for data collection from object under test through RS232 or RS484 interface and storing into the build-in 4 Mbit memory. After that, data could be downloaded to computer for analysis.

Term 2K (portable)

This simple free utility is used for monitoring serial ports, program could send and receive data on high bidrate. It has ability to define delay between sending bytes, has request-reply mode.

Term2K has build-on HEX editor with search and print functions. Also software supports PCI-RS485 cards. And much more.


It is no need to install the software, just unzip and run. Requirements: MS Windows and mfc42.dll, mscvrt.dll libraries.

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